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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 6am  FOX  August 21, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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face. the firefighters handed those out to all of the news crews and people out there this morning. the good news is we understand there is not a shelter in place for people living up there but we will get an update from christien in just a moment. thank you for joining us friday morning, august 21st i'm pam cook. >> good morning, i'm dave clark. steve is off today but we have rosemary. >> and talking about that fire we do have the on shore breeze and it started a spot fire so that is not good. but on the plus side the wind helps to disperse that air. we will talk more about that when i show you the winds here in a moment. partly to mostly cloudy skies. a live look from up above. a birds eye view. we can't tell but we have sun on the way. we have 29 minutes until the official sunrise. i think we will be partly to mostly cloudy. through at least about noontime
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and then we will be mostly sunny. at least away from the coastline. the low clouds rolled back in. temperature wise we are very similar to yesterday in most cases. let's take a look at winds. you can see they are on shore. they are light and generally around the north bay and portions of the east bay. through fairfield the wind 23 miles an hour. at the on shore breeze will continue to push that smoke from the vallejo fire toward the east so you may have that drifting your way. but again we need that wind to break it up and keep the air quality i guess the best it could be. 59-degrees in napa right now. 60 in concord. 60 redwood city. san jose 61. and 64 degrees for livermore. take look at the afternoon highs for today. low 60s and mostly cloudy skies
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for pacifica. mid 60s for san francisco. low 70s for the east bay shoreline. and the warmer locations going into the mid 80s. 84 expected in the afternoon. and little change in the forecast for the weekend be perhaps a minor warmup. i will show you that in detail coming up. let's check in with sal. good morning. right now we are looking at a commute in the east bay. we will start there where traffic will be doing very well if you are driving let's say from the carquinez bridge to the mccarthur maze using interstate 880. it is not a bad commute at all coming around the contort berkeley curve and the bay bridge toll plaza. when you get to the toll plaza, there is waiting to do at the bay bridge. it is about a 15 minute delay. it's a little better than normal when you look at the 880 ramp. we do have a lot of slow
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traffic. westbound 580 as you drive away from 205 toward livermore it does get better by the time you reach river mother. if you're getting on the freeway in dublin, it is a nice drive. and no problems on vasco ed road as you drive it of contra costa county. let's go back to the desk. we are monitoring that developing story in va low -- vallejo where a large fire continues to burn. firefighters have passed out surgical masks to our news crew. now you don't have the mask on. >> a shift in the wind a little bit so we are not right in the path of that fire. we have joined by cliff from vallejo fire. can you give us the details on how the fire fight is going. it looks like the building is a total loss. >> reporter: crews are still working hard. we have been able to dial back
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some of our crews and aid. the problem we're having is because of the size of the building and the amount of material inside and the structure material that collapsed there is a lot of pockets of material that we're having trouble getting to. this will be an all day venture. they are doing a great job. >> if you were passing out your firefighters are passing out masks to us earlier. if you can explain what is burning in there. what kind of facility this was and why it's important for us to wear masks nearby. >> any time you are dealing with smoke we consider it hazardous. we are not saying it's toxic chemicals that will drop you dead in a heartbeat. we want to keep everybody safe and out of the smoke. that is why some of the masks were handed out. in this particular building here our firefighters were
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wearing breathing apparatus. there is all types of material that is in there. any time they burn they will produce bad product. >> reporter: any danger to the public? do you concern it could be sending out toxic smoke into the community? >> no. for the most part the biggest portion of the fire was during the nighttime which is great for us because most people are in the their home and sleeping. we didn't have a whole lot of traffic. the wind has been blowing pretty good so it's blowing right out of the area pretty quickly. the main concern we have is the people that are just around the surrounding building itself. >> there had been a fire here a year ago. you're looking to see if there
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is any connection. >> yeah we are not speculating there is any connection. i think it's dumb luck. last year the fire we had was not inside the building. it was to the rear of the building and if you've got a chance to see the rear of the building that is where they keep a lot of ma metal. metal. we don't really speculate that this is related to itself but it's also something our investigators will look at. >> thank you for joining us. i know i grab you as you were about to walk away. thank you for helping us. appreciate it. again so you heard the very real possibility firefighters will be out here certainly all day working on this fire on mayor island. they say it could take several days. if you take a look you can see that whole building is a loss that the building has collapsed in on itself. firefighters spraying water in on it but they say there could with pockets of flame in there. one of the concerns that cliff
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from vallejo fire had expressed earlier is that one of the exterior walls has a potential of collapsing soon. it collapses in on the building rather than out. because there is a 500 or 600- gallon propane tank in the area. there are a lot of moving parts here. fire crews working throughout the morning. >> wow all right very scary. it's been a very scary situation. thank you for that update. 6:07 is the time. we want to show you this. bright orange flames lighting up the night sky. many of arrivers captured the fire on cell phone. says thank you for sending us these. the fire went to a third alarm in alma mater of minutes -- third alarm in a matter of
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minutes. time is 6:07. firefighters in the east bay will be reenforcing the fire line office a 2500-acre wild fire burned through that area. it started wednesday afternoon, quickly spread. this morning it's 45% contained. as the flames grew the fire crews took a stand in front of homes. they were able to save those homes from the fire. >> it looks like we are golden in the middle of all the flames. >> so when you see that, what goes through your head? oh my god i could have lost everything. everything. >> the one home that was destroyed it was abandoned. it was about to be demolished. firefighters say most of the fire zone is charred land but there is still active flames out there that are being closely watched. the cause of the fire is underinvestigation. we are learning more about three firefighters that were killed while battling a wild
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fire in washington state. they were 20, 26, and 30 years old. they were killed on wednesday when their vehicle crashed and then it was over taken by flames near the town of twist. four other firefighters were hurt. that twist fire has americaned with several other -- that twist fire has merged with several other fires. with about 100 wild fires burning across the west, extra firefighters are coming in away from as far away as australia and new zealand to help out. a pot bust is exposing the marijuana dangers. sheriffs deputies used helicopters to remove pot plants in the marin hail area. among the landowners are film director george lucas. many people in that area call authorities about illegal grows on their property. >> we are talking fertilizers,
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pesticides. we are talking literally rat poison left behind. >> one ton of waste was hauled out in a day. deputies removed trash, plastic. marijuana plants are also difficult to detect because they are scattered across acres of land typically. but u.s. army will retain a major milestone. two women will graduate from the army ranger school. alex savidge has more. >> reporter: good morning, to you dave. a real big deal here in april. that is when the current army
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ranger for -- captain if they will be the only women graduating alongside the 94 men. these two women have been training in the same is condition as their male counter parts. they train with minimal food and little sleep. they also have to under go a physical test including pushups and situps. and a swim test. both women say this has been their goal for a very long time. >> the reasons why i chose to come is to get the experience of the elite. leadership schools. >> there would be no change to the standards. and there weren't. >> also this week high ranking naval officials say they are on track to open the all male navy seal program to female
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applicants. now this push to integrate special operations comes as the army and air force are movology open all combat jobs to women. the pentagon describes ranger school as the army's premier combat leadership course. the major general of the u.s. army center of excellence says both women who finished the school are physically and mentally capable and they have earned those tabs that will be pinned on them. >> all right alex savidge, thank you. time is 6:12. a federal judge is hinting he may uphold most of berkeley's law about cell phone safety. it was supposed to take effect two months ago but it's on hold because of that court battle. berkeley's ordnance requires cell phone sellers to warn customers that if you carry mobile devices in a pants possibility or shirt pocket, it might e pose you to high levels of radiation. the judge indicated -- he says
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there is a dispute over whether that is true or not. it is 12 minutes after 6:00. demanding answers from oakland police. coming up at 6:30, why a mother does not believe officers accounts of her sons death and she does not think they are accurate. >> more fallout over the data leak of the cheating website ashley madison. hundreds of federal and state employees are now beinginvestigated. >> we are looking at the east bay commute and seeing a lot of the slow traffic that is building in many areas. including 880. it is getting slower. >> mostly sunny, relatively mild weather in store for your friday. off to a cloudy start. at least for most. we'll have a look at what is happening outside your door and what you can expect for the afternoon coming pup.
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there is more fallout over the data leaks from the cheating website ashley madison. the associated press is reporting more than 20 federal agencies had employees who accessed the site through their government internet connections. according to the report that includes house and senate offices and the u.s. state department. secretary of defense ash carter is now looking into whether anyone at the pentagon was involved. >> i'm aware it's an issue because conduct is very important and we expect good conduct on the part of our
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people. >> besides federal workers, people in the military are also being investigated for any involvement if found on the website they could face dishonorable discharge or have their security clearance until jeopardy. now in addition to the federal governments workers link to the ashley madison site, almost 50 current california were on that list. one state employee says he does not remember using his e-mail address to sign on to the ashley madison website. he claims he might have done it to see what the site was about but never used its services. a spokeswoman for the state operations agency says the possible misuse of state resources will be thoroughly investigated. time is 6:17. new technology for the bay bridge metering lights to improve traffic flow. mercury new reports the $1.9 million project will let the lights respond to changing traffic patterns minute by minute. now the current lights installed in 1974 they were set on a fixed timing system.
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can't tell the difference between a stalled car with a flat tire or multivehicle wreck that is blocking several lanes. cal tran is planning to install the upgrades by 2017. time is 6:17 as we go to sal. >> i was keying up the next song. i think you will like it. >> thank you for the michael franzy. he is a local guy. >> he watches us because he's told me that. good morning, everyone. we don't have a lot going on in the traffic world when it comes to accidents but things are getting slow out there in some commutes. but on fridays you can definitely tell that some people work from home or don't work at all. at the bay bridge toll plaza it is there. the toll plaza is there but it's a slow down there.
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880 is better than it normally is. instead of being 20-25 minutes it is 10-15 minutes getting into on that bridge. i keep looking at the east bay and the slowest traffic i see you can look with me here a little bit on highway 4 at the top of your screen and a lot on the altamont pass. the weather is not bad for a weekend. i've got to say just the way i like it. >> me too. hard to complain about the weather coming our way. minor changes in store for today. settle warmup in store for the weekend. all and all not going to notice a whole lot of change. as we get into your morning ten minutes until the official sunrise and we are waking up partly to mostly cloudy skies. you go inland better chances are you are waking up with the is up shine along the bay and along the coast. mid 80s for the warmer spots. we'll get back to those numbers in just a moment. 56 degrees right now in santa
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rosa. upper 50s in san francisco. the on shore breeze with us quite strong through portions of the delta has let up just a bit. a little bit gusty early on. just a couple degrees cooler than where you were at the start of yesterday morning for concord. i think for most of us very similar today is what we saw yesterday. low clouds pulling back to the coast for the second part of the morning and into the afternoon as we get into your weekend mid 60s. mid 80s expected inland. again not a lot of change going on. let's take a look at these afternoon highs because it will be very pleasant over the north bay. 76 for petaluma. upper 70s for novato. a little close tort water we
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have 60s. 64 in stinson beach. 71 in san leandro. 78 castro valley. 80-degrees in danville. and brentwood looking at 86 for today. so nice and warm. 83 morgan hill. 76 expert opinioned sunnyvale. heading to santa cruz for the weekend we have mid 70s. up along the peninsula 78 redwood city. 74 san mateo. 72 san bruno. san francisco down tauschecking in at 65 where we will continue to be a little bit cool. partly to mostly cloudy. daly city pacifica and half- moon bay low to mid 60s. the extended forecast here with your bay area weekend always in view noting not a lot of change going on. we will start off with the morning clouds and sunshine. temperatures will warm just slightly. we will get to a little bit more warming as we head into monday and tuesday. but for your weekend just a
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modest little warmup perhaps. mid to upper 80s. >> and pam is happy. >> yeah it's good. >> that is all i care about. time is 6:21. a ground breaking study about women in the very early stages of breast cancer. the findings that experts say this may revolutionize treatment. >> but first you could be wearing your contact lenses but you might be doing something wrong. the habits that may make your eyes red or infected.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. this song is requested by lina off of twitter page. thank you very much lina. i love this song. if there is a special song you want to hear, let us know. i will play your request every friday morning. just use #ktvu. we are getting a lot of traffic
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on our facebook page and instagram. >> i love those traffic jams. thank you. nice part of friday. fans of comedian john stewart has started an online me education tuition. as of this morning 146,000 people have signed the change torsion petition. the person who started it says stewart would be a good moderator because he played a role in covering politics. so far stewart has not responded to that petition. the curiosity mars rover it snapped a new selfie from mars. it snapped several low angle shots with that camera at the end of its row bat bothic arm. it happened at an area called maria's pass. it detected high levels of
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nitrogen. if you wear contact lenses, there is a good chance you are wearing them the wrong way and that could lead to infections. the cdc released a report yesterday. it finds 99% of contact lens wearers admitted they skip at least one safety step when they wear their contacts. 87% sad mitted they take a nap with their contacts in. almost 85% took a shower with them in. 61% went swimming with their contacts in. health officials say all of these can cause an inflammation in the eyes as well as infections. it is 6:27. there is going to be a makeover for bart's elevators. the changes that will make them look nicer and smell better as well. >> how a sheriffs deputy got injured during a traffic stop in the east bay. he is at the hospital now and someone is under arrest.
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welcome back to morning ons 2. this is what it looked like when a fire broke out shortly before midnight. a fire broke out on mayor island in vallejo. you can see flames were out for miles. there are potentially toxic chemicals out there in front of a metal recycling company. ktvu christien kafton is there. he will have all the latest information in just about two minutes from now. stay tuned. thank you for joining us here on mornings on 2 friday, august 21st i'm dave clark. >> good morning, i'm pam cook. thank you for join us. 6:30 is the time. rosemary is in for steve today. i guess that wind for the fire has been bad news and good news dispersing the smoke. >> you are right. the wind started more spot fire which is not a good thing. on the other hand we need that wind to clean out the air and keep it moving along that
6:31 am
smoke. so is that is good news. because we do have wind out there. it is an on shore breeze through the delta and fairfield reporting pretty good wind. giving you a live look over the hills. waking up with low clouds. this will pull back. we have mostly sunny says away from the coastline today. we are with sunrise. although a little tough to see with all of that cloud cover in place. you can see the time lapse here from a few hours ago. it filled in and now we are looking at mostly cloudy skies for most of us. the winds on shore. let's check in on those from 5- 10 miles an hour. fairfield reporting 23. actually gusting to 30. so at times it has picked up and it will continue to bring us mild weather.
6:32 am
61 walnut creek. upper 50s, low 60s. around the bay we have 59 in san francisco. 59 in novato. 56 santa rosa. as you get into the second part of your morning, the clouds begin to pull away and left with mostly cloudy skies at the coast. temperatures 60s along the coastline. upper 60s and low 70s for the east bay shoreline. 70s and 80s. i will put some numbers on your screen. let's take a look at traffic. >> if you are taking 880 you will like it. also looking at the commute here if you are driving on 101 northbound approaching the 80 split it has been looking good. southbound 680 at south main is a report of a truck that may be
6:33 am
on fire or smoking from the engine coming there. the fire department and chp on the way to that scene. 6:32 let's go back to the desk. developing news this morning from mayor island in vallejo. an over night fire at a metal recycling company. it's still burning. it may burn into the weekend. ktvu fox 2 christien kafton is there. you've been talking to firefighters about how to put this out. what do you know now? >> we are still wearing our masks out here. out of an abundance of caution. we're at the alco iron and metal recycling facility. we were told there were batteries, e-waste, oil, and very toxic chemicals inside that fight. the building has completely burned away.
6:34 am
one of the major concerns is the walls on the far side of this building for us could collapse and if it collapses outward instead of inward, it could hit a 500 to 600-gallon propane tank. firefighters here still working on a plan to tackle that potential threat. the flames broke out here between 11:00 and midnight last night at this metal recycle her. all the workers are accounted for. no injuries among the firefighters that were out here either. you can see not much of that building left at this point. firefighters say that the fire crew quickly to a third alarm when they arrived they say it was fully engulfed and grew very quickly. firefighters called in additional help to get this fire under control. one of the majorrish lieus is that embers and debris set a number of smaller fires in the surrounding area. vallejo fire had to call in cal fire.
6:35 am
firefighters never answered that building. when they arrived they say it was fully engulfed. fire crews say they there were winds that sent a plume of smoke over highway 37. chp had to shut that down. >> so we had e-waste. there is canisters of used oil. there is numerous tanks in there. >> if the name alco iron and metal sounds familiar f is because this is the same location that had a fire at this time about this time last year. sky fox shot this video august 22nd of 2014. several piles of scrap metal
6:36 am
caught fire here. firefighters are looking to see if there is any complete fire. as you can see that is highway 37 through vallejo. you can see there is slow traffic and the wind is blowing the smoke in that direction. at this point firefighters saying that is not a major concern. they believe that the wind is helping to disperse any potentially toxic chemicals in the area. that is the area that chp did shut down for awhile at least last night just because there was such heavy smoke in the area. as for the scene here to my right, firefighters telling me they will certainly be out here throughout the day working to try to put out hot spots but because of the ceiling and the roof collapsed in, there are hot spots, pockets inside that building that will burn throughout the day. possibly through the weekend
6:37 am
for the next couple of days. >> christien kafton you will be safe too. and you made me think about possibly the air drifting over that freeway. whether drivers should be concerned about the air quality. >> the drivers should not be concerned. most of the people have their windows up. it is quite a ways from the fire. i just wanted to show you that the smoke is going in that direction. and there is slow traffic through the area as people come through the area. they are wondering what exactly is going on out here as they continue to learn about this fire at the alco iron and metal facility.
6:38 am
alameda sheriffs deputy is in the hospital after being involved in a crash while on duty. ktvu janine de la vega is joining us from the sheriffs department. we understand that this all started with a traffic stop. >> reporter: yeah. the deputy was in the middle of handling a suspicious person. this all happened at midnight on castro valley boulevard. the deputy was sitting in the driver's seat and his leg was hanging out. a bmw suv traveling on castro valley boulevard near the 580 market street broadsided the park patrol car and kept traveling and crash into a telephone pole. the deputy was taken to the
6:39 am
hospital. the driver was not injured. authorities tell us it also appears the driver was speeding but the chp is still investigating. we don't have the driver's identity yet just that he's an adult male. i'm told the deputy that has been injured he's been with the sheriffs department for at least five years. pam. >> thank you, janine. oakland mother demanding answers from the police after the death of her son. police say 23-year-old richard linyard started running after being pulled over. after searching for a half hour, police say they found linyard unresponsive, wedged between two buildings. his mother jessica gatewood says she doesn't believe the police account of what happened. she believes her son was beaten because she says she saw bruises on his face and cuts on his hands at his funeral. >> i don't think it's an
6:40 am
accident. >> preliminary report found no signs of trauma on linyard's body. more information is expected to be released today on an apparent murder and attempted suicide involving brothers in poachy koa. the sheriffs office says the shooting happened yesterday afternoon at a home on dalton court. one man was dead at the scene. deputies say the two men were brothers and that the shooting was not a random act. their identities have not been released. water service has been restored in one part of oakland almost 24 hours after a big water main break. pipes broke about 4:00 yesterday morning. when the east bay mud crews were finished fixing it a sewer line underneath it ruptured. the crews fixed that last
6:41 am
night. they finished the water pipe this morning. they are still out there doing the finishing touches. east bay mud says it may have been compromised when the ground moved during that earthquake on monday. time is 6:41. the state assembly passed emergency legislation aimed at fixing a problem with california's high school exit exam. thousands of students are in limbo. they need to pass the required test before they graduate. but the state has stopped
6:42 am
offering it because it's no longer in sync with common core. students will be allowed to graduate as long as they have met all the other high school requirements. the state senate is expected to take this up on monday. the san francisco unified school district did not wait for lawmakers. they bypassed the state law. they gave the diplomas even without at exit exam. several bay area schools made news week top high school list. the magazine puts together two lists. one is america's top high schools, the other is beating the odds. piedmont high school, lynn brook high in san jose, month vista high, redwood high, and arrogant high in san mateo were in the top 100 on that performance list. three local schools ranked in the top 100 of the beating the
6:43 am
odds list. kim king koa leanic high. >> nice. congratulations. 6:42 is the time. a woman secretly recorded him to help bring him down. up next the shocking new details about the investigation that led to child pornography arrest of jared fogel. >> two people were hurt after an explosion at a building in downtown los angeles. how this interrupted a nearby concert.
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two people were take ton the hospital after an explosion at downtown los angeles building. this happened at 10:00 last night in an under ground 19 story. the blast knocked out power for several minutes at the shiny yeah twain concert and the people injured are expected to recover but firefighters do say the explosion caused significant damage to the building. thousands of people gathered in sacramento honoring the life of a brave contra costa county sheriffs deputy who died in lake tahoe trying to save a friend's life. deputy carlos francis was only 30 years old. he drowned last week in lake tahoe. he had his roots in sacramento.
6:47 am
he graduated from cordova high before going to sacramento state where he was a football player. francis' sister talked about how happy his brother was to have a career in law enforcement. >> when he pursued his career in law enforcement, he was so happy and excited that he made it to where he wanted to be. >> now a memorial of law enforcement scholarship was enannounced in francis honor to keep his memory and name alife. a man to help build the burning man infrastructure died on organization grounds. he died of natural causes. he was in his late 50s. the sheriffs department is investigating and has not confirmed the exact cause of death. stevenson had been at the black rock desert site since april helping to prepare for this years festival. time is 6:47. today could be a pivotal day.
6:48 am
today is a reported deadline for a san diego developer to hand in a detailed plan to build a coliseum city. that developer has an exclusive negotiating agreement with the city of oakland. the coliseum project includes housing, hotels, retail outlets, and at least one sports stadium. but there are concerns that the developer may not be able to come up with the money for that billion dollar project. time is 6:48. let's get you moving this morning. sal everybody behaving for you. >> things are a little better than they normally are. this is a map. and i have drawn a line on it where highway 37 kind of goes by here. get rid of the line. you can see that traffic is slow now where christien kafton is and his crew are at the mayor island incident there are still smoke rising from that building that burned down. and traffic is slow on that
6:49 am
bridge coming down and heading over to marin. that is normal slow traffic but it may be just a little bit slower as people take a look at what is going on off the freeway there. people will just be slowing down. let's go to live pictures now. i want to show you traffic is going to be okay. just a little bit of a slow down at the bay bridge toll plaza. and in san jose northbound 280 looks good. now at 6:49 hello rosemary. we have a golden hue over the bay area. the sun is shining in the east bay. it will continue to shine as we get into your afternoon. mostly sunny skies away from your coastline. sun will set at 7:52. we have a mix of sun and clouds out there. and temperatures this morning very similar to yesterday. just a tad degree cool never areas like san jose, mountain view down by four degrees.
6:50 am
and over santa rosa you're a few degrees cooler as well. so afternoon highs looking and feeling quite like yesterday. 64-degrees in livermore. 63 in oakland. 56 santa rosa. in along the peninsula 59 san francisco down through mountain view. 61 outside your door. shifting into the east bay 60 degrees for danville. lafayette is starting off at 59. the morning clouds will be followed by afternoon sunshine. on shore breezes. generally light around the area. through the delta it is a little breezy at times. and because of that fire burning in vallejo, you may have some of that drifting your way if you lived east of the fire. mid 80s for our warmer locations. will remain relatively mild
6:51 am
through your weekend. 77 for sonoma temperature 76 for petaluma. closer to the water we have 60s. east bay upper 60s and low 70s. along the shoreline 68 alameda. low 80s in danville. 86 in brentwood. it will be a warm day but not too hot. heading to santa cruz mid 70s from the forecast for today. along the peninsula 77 wood side. san mateo you will go to san francisco. 65 san francisco. the extended forecast here with your bay area weekend always in view notice not a lot of change going on. we may see temperatures rise a degree or two. most of us may not even feel it. yes. mostly cloudy in the morning. mostly sunny for the afternoon and cruising along.
6:52 am
>> that is good to hear. tomorrow is the breast cancer walk in oakland. it's a big deal. we really support it and it should be nice weather. >> yeah. i think we will start off mostly cloudy and cool. >> so thousands of people should come on out. thank you. time is 6:51. 52 now. there is video from atlanta you have to see this. coming up in 15 minutes the incredible moment yeah that really shook up the nerves of a lot of air travelers. >> but first the ugly sight of nail salons. the new campaign to improve safety conditions for lawmakers.
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no sal. >> the gentleman said to throw your hands in the air if you're a true player. >> i heard it. okay. this is biggy papa. it's friday. that means traffic jams send us your requests. >> songs that make you happy. good. like it.
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according to a new study women with early stage breast cancer may not need treatment. the study published in the oncologist journal is the -- women with very early stage cancer are being given unnecessary invasive treatment. now doctors say the research has the potential to change mammogram screening programs and breast cancer treatments. former president jimmy carter is under going radiation treatment for cancer that spread from his liver to his brain. earlier this month carter had liver surgery for melanoma and thought he was cancer free and then he learned it had spread to four spots in his brain. the 90-year-old says he is at ease with the diagnosis. >> i've had a wonderful life. i've had exciting friends.
6:57 am
now it's in the hands of god and and i will be prepared for anything that coms. >> carter says he will step back from his humanitarian work. time is 6:56. it's the ugly side of nail salons. how workers are exposed to possibly harmful chemicals. bay area lawmakers and activists are joining forces. they are lunching a campaign to make things safer. california healthny nail salon collaborative. the goal revamp what they call a poorly regulated industry. >> you spend any time in and around a nail salon. you sucking down fumes and exposing ourselves to chemicals. chemicals like formaldehyde. that have been linked to reproductive health issues, respiratory issues.
6:58 am
>> lawmakers. 30 nail salons in san francisco they have come together now trying to make sure workers have safer conditions. illegal pot grow discovered new popular hiking trails. the poisonous items also found that have authorities concerned. >> two men from boston claim donald trump inspired them. the brutal attack now being investigated on a latino homeless man.
6:59 am
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